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From bean to chocolate, discover all the benefits of cocoa .

Since its arrival in Europe in the sixteenth century, the myths about chocolate abound, to the extent of the pleasure that this food provides. For the first time, a practical guide reviews the health benefits of chocolate and cocoa. No, chocolate does not constipate. However, its antioxidants prove valuable for heart health . And if it is not aphrodisiac, it makes us much better humor. Based on all the latest scientific discoveries , Maria BARDOULAT explains what you can really expect chocolate for your well being, your health and beauty, revealing the passage thousand secrets about its origins and its manufacture.

With this guide discover :

  • Why can chocolate be toxic to animals?
  • How does cocoa affect mood?
  • The best cocoa crusts?
  • What chocolate compound can trigger migraines?
  • The beauty of chocolate?
  • How is chocolate made?
  • How to accommodate it in the kitchen?

Maria BARDOULAT is Doctor of Pharmacy .

It is dedicated for over 10 years in the medical press and public health.

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ISBN 13: 978-2-35934-315-1

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